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With Applova’s lucrative solution bundled, you get to sell a complete solution along with more hardware. Applova being a solution that’s all about digital ordering convenience, means more online transactions processed. Therefore, seize the opportunity to immediately gain this new revenue stream!
Restaurant technology industry is hot and is growing more each year. Customers would love to pay more for the solutions like Applova that help businesses grow. Therefore, you make recurring residuals by introducing Applova’s products and services.
With Applova you to enter an entirely new market. You stop losing your customers to competitors. Customers will stay with you longer and spend more when they purchase additional services from you.
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Applova dealers land and retain more restaurant customers while increasing hardware sales and adding residual income.
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Why Partner with Applova?

Applova's Restaurant Suite Includes:

Mobile & Web Ordering
Self-Ordering Kiosks
Contactless Digital Menus
Give your restaurant customers the ability to take orders from their website or a branded mobile app.
Studies have shown that self-service ordering improves accuracy and increases average ticket size.
Digital menus help limit contact between patrons and physical menus, limiting the spread of germs.

Become an Applova Software Reseller Partner

Applova dealers land and retain more restaurant customers while increasing hardware sales and adding residual income.

Why Partner with Applova?



Onboarding restaurants with Applova has been super easy. The teams provided support and customized promotional material to help win restaurants. I recently setup a restaurant with Applova’s online ordering solution, and they called me back to mention how happy they were with the product.”

Trey Burke

VP, Omega Transaction Corp.

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Reporting & Analytics
Applova includes a beautiful 
web-based dashboard for tracking sales and profitability.
Kitchen Display System
KDS solutions help restaurants manage their online and in-person orders all in one place.

Move More Hardware, Too.

If you're like most Applova partners, you come from a traditional point of sale background and you know POS hardware. If that's true—you're in luck, because Applova is integrated with industry leaders hardware manufacturers like Elo Touch and Star Micronics.

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